Recently Completed

FWWSFire Water

Fire and water are part of our ancestral roots… they form part of our basic requirements in life. This sculpture allows you to sit on the stone… watch the water that emerges from within, hear the gentle sounds of water falling, and imagine the crackle of the fire nearby.

Created from surface limestone from Marr, Ontario and salvaged metal, coated in local bees wax.


Dimensions: 72″ x 48″ x 36″

SPTSteampunk Table

I have always been fascinated with the use of salvaged things, old wood, found objects, and metal. These items connect us to our past and bring new meaning to the objects.

Steampunk is a marriage of such items – bringing inspiration from the Victorian Era and the early industrial revolution. Things that were hand crafted, fabricated, gorilla engineered, and held a level of sophistication are merged together resulting in a functional or non-functional use.



SPT DThe Steampunk table was so much fun to create… finding random parts in the bone yard, fabricating components to make them fit and to give the illusion that this thing actually does something besides allow you to turn some handles and look at a dial. Well… it does hold up an umbrella…


Dimensions: 43″ x 36″ x 50″




SBMSit by Me

This sculpture was inspired by my time in Japan, traveling by motorcycle through small remote villages. I was so impressed with the villages’ use and respect of natural stone boulders – pieces that were simply presented in their natural beauty. It made me think of my world and what I do to enhance the beauty of stone. The concept occurred to me to present a piece of nature’s finest… to honour it as precious as we do with a ring… to present it in a way that we could naturally interact with it, and to create a multi-sensory experience. It begs us to sit with it.


Created from an erratic Granite Boulder found near Tobermory, Ontario, White Cedar wood – cut and milled from one local tree, and metal salvaged from the Nelson Aggregate Quarry in Burlington, Ontario.


Dimensions: 87″ x 80″ x 61″

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